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Jonathan Coulton - Best. Concert. Ever. (full live concert film)

This is the full-length concert from the DVD that came with the original release of Jonathan Coulton's first official live album "Best. Concert. Ever." It was filmed in February 2008 in front of a sold out crowd at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Although the audio CD/MP3 album is still sold online, it seems the two disc version with the DVD is now out of print (though you may be able to buy it at Jonathan Coulton's shows or on eBay). The film also features Paul and Storm, and Kristen Shirts on ukulele, as well as Andy "The Human Keyboard" Bates on vocals. Jonathan Coulton's Official Website: Track Listing: 1. The Future Soon - 2. Ikea - 3. Shop Vac - 4. I'm Your Moon - 5. Baby Got Back - 6. Kenesaw Mountain Landis - 7. Chiron Beta Prime - 8. Tom Cruise Crazy - 9. Code Monkey - 10. Creepy Doll - 11. Mr. Fancy Pants - 12. I Crush Everything - 13. Skullcrusher Mountain - 14. Mandelbrot Set - 15. You Ruined Everything - 16. Re: Your Brains - 17. A Talk with George - 18. Still Alive (Rock Band version) - 19. I Feel Fantastic - 20. First of May - Credits (Lady Aberlin's Muumuu) - Purchase "Best. Concert. Ever." (audio only):
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