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Esposa & I Discuss Cancellation of David J's Concert At Our Casa Nueva, Lancaster PA 8/14/14

Simply put: not enough tickets sold, and we didn't know how to boost sagging sales. Recorded while we Drive to Mick's All American For Early Bird Dinner, Lancaster PA 8/14/14 Default description: Recorded in early to mid-August 2014. I record about three hours of my daily life. Esposa & I are vegetarians. I ride a Kawasaki. I was in the Air Force. I've worked out just about every day for 25 years, and I recently lost 15 pounds so I'm looking better than normal. The big issue right now is Sam, our lovely 12 year old Brittany, who had an inner ear infection that was really bad. He's in pretty tough shape right now. Thanks for watching this video. Please feel free to leave a positive comment or press "like" or, if you are deranged and socially defective, go ahead and smash the "dislike" button. It's all up to you. You're call, right? If you don't agree with or you hate something I said in a video, come back in a few months and you'll likely find that I have done a complete 180 on whatever it was and am now thinking the complete opposite. I moderate comments and ban hateful or violent language users.
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