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Funny Fair City Part 142 (Voice Over) Zumo Bishop Welfare Social Created by Philip And Paul Galvin on Saturday 31st Jan 2009. Click here to see the creator of the Funny Fair City Voice Overs Philip in Fair City ... Music created by Philip Galvin Funny Fair City Voice Over Part 142. We are 2 brothers from Dublin, Ireland who do Funny Voice Overs. The real name of this show is Fair City no offence is intended twards the real actors and here is some details about the real soap: Fair City is an award-winning television soap opera , first broadcast in Ireland on September 18, 1989. Storylines examine the domestic and professional lives of the residents of Carrigstown, a fictional suburb on the north side of Dublin. Since 2006 Fair City has been the longest running soap opera in Ireland beating Glenroe's seventeen years. The series was originally screened as two half-hour episodes per week, from September to May. Today four episodes are broadcast each week on RTÉ One all year round. It is the most popular Irish soap opera and one of the most popular soaps on Irish television.[1] The series is produced by Radio Telefís Éireann Fair City is set in Carrigstown, a fictional suburb of Northside Dublin. Most of the scenes take pl ace around the main street in Carrigstown, with notable landmarks on the main street including K. Mc Coys, Phelan's, The Bistro and Fusion Restaurant. Some scenes are set outside of the main street, in areas such as Carrigstown Community College or The Public House. HISTORY: The title derives from the opening line of the traditional song "Molly Malone": "In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty..." and is the only English-language soap opera produced in Ireland. The show was launched in September 1989 and at the time was described as "the most ambitious production of its kind ever undertaken by RTÉ" [6]. The show was broadcast twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm between September and May, taking a summer break, from 1989 until 1997 - when the show started being broadcast all year around. In 1998 an extra episode was added and a fourth was added in 2001.[7]Up until 2003, the soap only aired two episodes over the summer months however the four episodes wer e aired all year round from summer of that year. [8] [9] In 2004, Friday's 8.30pm episode was moved to Sunday nights at 8p.m. On 17 January 2002, Fair City reached its 1,000th episode.[10]In 2004, the soap opera celebrated its fifteenth year by broadcasting an hour-long compilation episode entitled Fair City: The Ten Commandments.[11] This episode showed old clips of characters breaking the Ten Commandments. It also featured interviews from the cast and fans. On 30 November 2006, Fair City reached its 2,000th episode.[12 PRODUCTION: Each week rehearsals for the four episodes take place on Saturday and Monday. From Tuesday to Friday, the interior scenes are recorded on two RTÉ sound stages. The schedule runs from to . The exterior scenes are filmed on Thursday and Friday either in the RTÉ Headquarters, or in various locations in Dublin. The series is planned in blocks of 12 episodes. The first stage is the development of story and plot. This work is done by a small team of storyline writers. Once the stories have been fleshed out and agreed, the scene breakdown writers decide how the stories should be translated into scenes for each episode. The episodes are then assigned to script writers, who create the dialogue and stage directions for the actors.[4] Running in parallel with the writing process is the production process, which includes casting, wardrobe, make-up, design and construction of sets, purchase of props, finding locations, booking facilities, developing schedules and the myriad administrative tasks involved in managing a successful soap. All exterior shots were initially recorded in Drumcondra on Dublin's northside, where residents were politely asked to stay indoors during shooting. Two years later, Carrigstown moved south of the Liffey to RTÉ where set designers replicated the façades and interiors of the original houses. The writing and production comes together in the hands of the directors who marry the various inputs to produce the finished product of Fair City.[5] The opening sequence and theme music has been changed four and three times, respectively.[13] The opening sequence shows several scenes of contemporary Dublin, while the closing credits show a frozen image of the River Liffey. AWARDS: The programme was nominated for an IFTA as 'Best Television Drama' in the years 2000 and 2003. Stuart Dunne, who portrayed Billy Meehan, was nominated for an IFTA as 'Best Actor in a Television Drama' in 2003.[24] Pat Nolan, who plays Barry O'Hanlon, won a Golden Rose Award, in the 'Best Soap Actor' category, at the international Rose d'Or Festival in Switzerland on 7 May 2005.[25]The series has also been nominated for a TVNow Award as 'Favourite Soap' in 2006, 2007 and2008
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