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Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen Cover, Henry Tozer

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A cover of Leonard Cohen's classic, "Hallelujah", a song which, although very famous, actually has profound meaning. In tribute to a truly great person, who has touched the hearts of many. Listen/read the poem I wrote in response to his death: Dear Leonard Old friend from the mountain on your parallel path Your body is no longer the home for your heart But you had scattered it already throughout your whole life The ashes of the lonely, the elegy of strife In the mirror of violence, naked you stood Shattering clinging to both bad and good Your speech is a knife to despair and to pride In your desert of truth there is nowhere to hide You sing for the weary, the broken, the lame You speak to the longing, the anger, the shame Your voice is a worn-out coat in the rain A constant companion for the heart filled with pain My love, it sits in your armchair again Battered and hungry, resigned from the game But it's ringing those bells before the lord of song Singing Hallelujah despite all the wrong Dear Leonard, you have given life to the dead You dined with the devil, you made his bed And even though he cried that he couldn't be blessed In your chamber of love you laid him to rest And now it's your turn to journey on To sing to a new crowd your liberating song Thank you for all that you lost and you won You live forever now the battle is done. Video by Yilei Li and Joan Low.
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