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Is it Okay to Paint While Pregnant?

Is it okay to paint while pregnant? That depends on what you want to paint. Such as? Painting your nails won't cause any adverse effects, unless you plan on drinking nail polish remover. Some of the chemicals in nail polish irritate your skin, but women rarely get exposed to enough of these compounds to cause problems. I was thinking of painting the house, not my nails. Now we've got a problem. How so? We can't let the kid sleep in a room looking like it does now. He isn't going to care what the walls look like, and even peeling paint isn't a problem until he can pick up paint chips and put it in his mouth. I hate the way the nursery looks like right now. If you are going to paint the room, you can't use oil based paints. The fumes are bad for you and the baby. So we'll use latex based paints. And you'll need to wear a face mask and have a lot of ventilation. That's a given. Then there's the danger of you trying to climb up on a ladder while pregnant. It's no big deal. You're growing, throwing off your center of gravity, while the fumes could make you dizzy. And if you fall, there's a serious problem. What's your solution then? Pay someone else to paint the nursery. I could get a ventilator mask. If you're this dedicated to decorating the baby's room yourself, let someone else do all the major painting. When that's dried, you can apply any wall decals or small murals you'd like. That's a possible compromise. Tell your husband either he does it or he pays someone else to do the heavy work. He'll worry about the cost. Can you compromise and say the done-up nursery is the push present?
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