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Seven Minutes in Heaven

Natalie, Jeff and Polly share a big problem: being 15 years old. But they also share a lot of laughs because they have each other. This wry, lump-in-the-throat comedy is immediately recognizable by anyone who's survived, or is surviving, growing up. Runaway Jeff (Byron Thames) moves in with Natalie (future Academy Award® winner* Jennifer Connelly) on a friends-only basis while her dad is away - and moves in on her budding relationship with a swell-headed high school hero (Alan Boyce). Meanwhile, Polly (Maddie Corman) flips over a big-league ballplayer (Billy Wirth) who got to second base with her one ardent afternoon. She carries a torch while he carries on with a full roster of groupies. These situations cross, crisscross and double-cross delightfully, thanks to the talents of an energetic young cast, the deftness of the comedy and the truth of the characters. Give Seven Minutes in Heaven your time.
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