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Hoshi no suna [GACKT // PBā˜…Cover] Female Ver.

Ohai guys~ It's been a while since I've uploaded a cover of GACKT song but with the announcement of the european tour in July & August I think it's time again :3 I promised quite a few people to let them know incase G comes back so incase you want to see a concert: The tickets will go on sale on the 27th, that's the upcoming friday! You can find all the dates and sites that will sell tickets here: "Hoshi no suna" is a really pretty, yet unbelieveably sad song and has been one of my favorites eversince I discovered GACKT. It definitely sounds best with his voice though~ The original is full of emotion, I love it. Despite that feeling I wanted to try it anyway, please bear with me. Thanks for listening~ EDIT: I recently read that the song title actually is "Star Sand" (not "Stardust"), since it refers to a particular type of sand that can only be found at a beach in Okinawa and is called "Hoshi no suna".
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