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Surprising My Sisters With Jonas Brothers Concert Tickets

So I was going to take my sisters to a concert for Demi Lovato and David Archuleta in mid July but 18 days before the concert I found out that they had canceled it! The Jonas Brothers were also having a concert only 3 days later, so I went online to see what kind of tickets were available and I was shocked to see that the second row was available! I decided that those tickets were way too amazing to pass up so I bought them and spent 9 hours over the next two nights making our three shirts while my sisters were sleeping (I could only do one side per night because I had to let it dry). I'm really glad I made us shirts because they turned out really well and we got a million compliments at the concert and the shirts for sale at the concert cost between $35-40 each! It only cost me $10 total to make shirts for all three of us! Anyways, I surprised them the morning of the concert and this was their reaction.
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