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"THE BEST BEST MAN'S SPEECH EVER!" - by Daniel Buccheri "Sending much love to the world for your response to this video." Songs in order of appearance: Stay With Me - Sam Smith Every Breath You Take - The Police Ignition - R. Kelly Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John (The Lion King) Hey Soul Sister - Train As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys Stay With Me - Sam Smith I was so humbled to be my brother's best man, so I decided to prepare a little surprise for him and his new wife on their wedding day. Special thanks to WeddingMovies for capturing the moment. Lyrics *Stay With Me - Sam Smith* Guess it’s true, when they say, you become a man, When you find the one and you take her hand. Luckily for you, it all went to plan, And she didn’t say no, cause that’d be sad. And now you’re here with me, I’m singing my Best Man’s speech, For my brother and his wife, Now they’re stuck together for life. *Every Breath You Take - The Police* When we were kids, Trying to get to sleep, You’d say to me, Be quiet please, I’m trying to get to sleep. But every breath you took, Used to sound like this, (*snore sound*) So when you moved out of home, I thought thank the lord, I won’t be missing you. Then you were gone, With your special girl, I thought you were dead, Never saw you again. *Ignition - R. Kelly* But now she’s found the ignition, Got you sweeping the kitchen, Yeah you’re feeding the dogs, Doing the laundry and dishes. You’re independence is gone, No more fun of your own, Except for the bucks last weekend, When we were having some fun. *Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John (The Lion King)* And although you met, on the internet, I know this love is true, It’s enough, to let the dogs on your expensive rug, And not kick them outside. *Hey Soul Sister - Train* Hey my new sister, From another mister, Oh you look so great, On your wedding day, I hope it’s been the perfect day. Hey my new sister, Thanks for making him so, Happy all the time. *As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys* Because his loneliness had never been a friend of his, So he searched and searched for you. Then one day in the craziness you came along, He couldn’t get you out of his head. It was Sarah this, And Sarah that, Sarah this, Oh I knew that he loved you. It was Sarah this, And Sarah that, Sarah this, Oh I knew that he loved you. *Stay With Me - Sam Smith* “Ok we’re going to get a little bit serious now.” So Adrian, now you’ve become a man, And we’re not the kids we used to be, Although we’d scream and fight as children, Now I realise, what you mean to me. I’m so proud of you, And all you’ve done for me, Whether you realise or not, I’ve always looked up to you. It’s ok if you’re getting emotional, It’s the same way I feel for you, All the time that’s gone, where have the years gone? But Adrian, I’ve got so much love for you. So won’t you raise your glass, (“raise your glasses”) For these….for these special two, I wish you nothing but the best, For your lives and all the rest. Because this is love, it’s clear to see, Oh this is love, it’s clear to see, So won’t you, raise your glasses with me. Because this is love it’s clear to see, I wish you joy, and happiness…..for eternity.
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