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MAMAMOO concert tickets sell out in one minute

MAMAMOO concert tickets sell out in one minute On January 25, tickets to MAMAMOO's concert went live at 8 PM KST through Interpark's web page. As soon as the tickets went on sale, they were all sold out in 1 minute! A representative from MAMAMOO stated, "Upon tickets going on sale to the public, the site exploded as registrations flooded in perfectly selling out 10,000 seats. Clearly demonstrating the power of girl groups once again." Girl group MAMAMOO will be holding their second concert, 'MAMAMOO CONCERT Curtain Call' from March 3-5 at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park. Netizens commented, "Hope MAMAMOO hits the jackpot at the concert," "I want to go since they changed their concept," "One minute? Seriously, the screen went totally blank as soon as I registered for regular sales. It wouldn't even load on my phone. Luckily I was able to contact someone through Twitter and got my tickets. Can't wait to see everyone there!" "I feel MAMAMOO's concert will be different from others, it seems fun."
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