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Is it Okay to Have a Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Is it okay to have a spray tan while pregnant? They really haven't studied the ingredients of spray tan compounds on pregnant women, so we really don't know. It is certainly better than being out in the sun. Actually, it isn't. You need a certain amount of vitamin D to properly process calcium, and that goes up when you are pregnant. What are my alternative sources of vitamin D? Fish oil and milk are good. Prenatal vitamins may or may not give you enough. They focus on iron, vitamin B and others. You could take calcium plus vitamin D pills, if you're concerned. Or go for a long walk outside. And risk getting burned. Literally. Fifteen to thirty minutes a day of sun exposure is enough to get enough vitamin D, more if you are dark skinned. And more if I have a spray on tan. What if I used a tanning bed? While that won't hurt your baby, it increases your risk of skin cancer. Everything causes cancer these days. It is amazing we aren't all dead and making any healthy kids these days. Everything seems to cause cancer because we can study rats taking it until they get cancer. Life expectancy has actually been increasing over the past hundred years, while child mortality is going down. Hans Rosling has a neat talk on that. Though his magic washing machine talk was more interesting. Just skip the spray on tans and enjoy your natural pregnant glow. Get some sun, but don't get burned. I wouldn't want to get sun burned. I don't think the medicines I'd use for the pain are safe. But zinc oxide sunscreen is just fine. So is the low tech alternative. What alternative? Long sleeves and a floppy hat.
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