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''Too Sexy''? Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Which Kids Didn't Like Her Vanity Fair Cover on I Am Cait

Not everyone was a huge fan of Caitlyn Jenner 's history-making Vanity Fair cover. In tonight's brand new episode of I Am, Cait , Caitlyn reveals some of her kids didn't like her latest magazine cover. "It seems super mellow here," Cait's BFF Candis Cayne says while the two are hanging out at the house. "A few little incidences." "What do you mean?" Candis asks. "A couple of the kids thought that the Vanity Fair was a little too sexy," Cait says. "It's the guys [Brody, Brandon and Burt]. I don't think they get kind of the girl thing." "But Cait, you have been repressing your inner woman for so many years," Candis advises. "I want to respect my kids," Caitlyn says. "And you want them to respect you too, which is super important," Candis says. "But you've been living the past 40 years taking care of them and not taking care of yourself." This video was produced by Wochit using
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