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Hurt So Bad - Ukulele Cover

Testing, Testing, Testing!!!! LOL Please read: Not the best recording quality (sounds tinny as I was recording in a different place I normally do), but after all of the trials I had with it, I have decided to keep it up to remind myself of how obstacles CAN be overcome. I had to update my operating system on my MacBook Pro and have had all kinds of problems the last few days. There were a lot of tears shed and a lot of Mylanta and Zantac being taken for my hurting stomach. I have to relearn iMovie, and try to find where all of my pictures are, check GarageBand to see if anything is changed, and learn to upload and work things again, like it is a brand new machine. And this is from someone who does not like change! This upload initially took 1 hour and 30 minutes to upload. I stopped it after this length of time and just about gave up. This song was just meant to be a practice and never meant to post... but I needed to try to put together a quick test so found myself grabbing this random song and a picture and trying it in the new iMovie. My hubby, Knight In Shining Armor, did some fine tuning and tweaking, retried the upload, and much to my surprise, it uploaded in just a few minutes! So lesson learned: 1: Update my computer when they say and don't wait six years and six operating versions later. 2: Backup my computer regularly! A lot of my pictures were lost during the conversion. 3: Don't be afraid to learn new things, they might end up being better. This is like having to relearn using a Mac again. 4: My hubby is actually a great computer person and so smart... He was so calm during this whole thing. Thank you my dear are the best! Hope you enjoy this practice version. Pah pahs and all. ;). May redo it later. And thank you for listening to me whine and for all of your support during these last few trying days! Ukulele: KoAloha Concert Ukulele Microphone: Blue Yeti USB mic Recorded using Garageband
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