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All i ever wanted was you[episode 1]

So heres how the story is Ashley is 20 years old Demi and selena 15 And dallas is 19 So Ashley,demi,selena and dallas are best friends since there birth because of there moms were best friends Ashley is famous but stayed the girl she always was ---at demis house(in the living room)--- Ashley:*sitting on the couch with selena next to her reading a magazine**yells*hey demi wheres dallas Demi:*in the kitchen making popcorn*yells back*I dont know Dallas:*runs in the living room and out of breath* Selena:what?! Ashley:she said she has great news Selena:oh Demi:*walks in the living room*oh hey Dall whats up Dallas:*sits on the couch**exited*guys I have great news wait*thinks*no huge news yea huge news Ashley:spill Dallas:I got tickets to the jonas brothers concert Selena:whats the huge news Ashley:selena that was the huge news Selena:ugh Dallas:why arent you guys jumping around?*sad* Demi:umh cause we dont like the jonas brothers Dallas:*stands up*WHAT? Demi:sorry Dallas:Im not going to the concert alone Ashley:why not?! Dallas:because nobody does that Demi:dall we just dont like them Dallas:its front row seats Selena:*scarcastic*oh yea were going to meet the jonas brothers.NOT Dallas:selena Selena:Im sorry but I cant stand them Dallas*starts to cry*this so mean of you girls I hate all Demi:okay okay well come Dallas:*stops crying and smiles*much better Ashley:yea yea whatever Selena:when is the concert?!*sleepy* Dallas:tomorrow Selena:ok Im going to bed Ashley:but demi just made popcorn Selena:Im really tired Dallas:come on selena Selena:ugh fine lets watch it already*sits on the couch next to Ashley* Dallas:I cant wait till tomorrow girls Selena,demi,Ashley:yey --the next day— Demi:*wakes up and notices that they all fell asleep on the couch*ugh I cant believe it today is the jonas brothers concert Dallas:*wakes up the moment when she heard the jonas brothers*WHERE?!*selena and ash wake up of the noise dallas made* Demi:there not here dallas Dallas:then why did you say jonas brothers Demi:nevermind Selena:did ya have 2 wake us up for that Ashley:you guys clean up and lll make breakfast Demi:you mean lunch Ashley:why would you*looks at her watch*OMG its 2 Selena:what?! Demi:how long were we awak Dallas:*slow*oh my god Selena:what is it this time dall Dallas:the concert starts at 6 and the house is a mess and we still have to find the perfect outfit and Ashley:shut up dallas Dallas:what did you say?!*shocked* Ashley:I said shut up Selena:you said shut up to dallas Ashley:yes and you 2 selena Selena:okay okay jeeeeez Ashley:now listen cause its such a big night for YOU well clean up and you go upstairs and find a outfit for the concert Dallas:you guys what do that for me?!*touched* Selena:yes and now goooo Dallas:okay okay*runs upstairs* Selena:lets clean up*they start cleaning up the house* --after 3 hours there done cleaning up* Ashley:that took long Demi:yea Dallas:hey guys lets go pick a outfit for you girls Demi:were just going to our skinny jeans with a shirt Selena:lets go get ready --after 30 minutes they all come downstairs— Selena:how do I look(a.n/there oufites are in the video) Demi:pretty how bout moi? Selena:amazing Dallas:and me Ashley:sexy Dallas:thanks you and you look hot missy Ashley:thanks lets go Mrs lovato:wait I wanna take a picture Demi:were going to a concert not prom Mrs lovato:but I wanna take a picture Selena:lets just take the photo demi*graps demis hand and drags her next to her* Mrs lovato:now you can go Demi:thank god Selena,dallas and Ashley:start laughing Demi:why are you guys laughing*confused* ---they go and drive to the concert the station is very close to the lovatos house so it only like took 20 minutes to get there--- AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT YOU JUST HAVE 2 WAIT WONT YOU
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