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The Sims 3: Bucket List Part 17 Sorry, Can't Hear You

All my Links so now you can stalk me lol You Can Help Support My Channel Patreon Want to know how to become apart of the Maker Gen family? Click Music and Sound FX from Audio Micro and Epidemic Sound - outro music - ES Happy Electronic Pop 3 The Sims 3: Bucket List Jade Carter has lived a boring ordinary life. After quitting a stressful job she has decided to live life to the fullest. She wants to spend the rest of her days traveling, learning new skills and falling in love with life. So she has created a bucket list and she is going to check thing off as she goes. Where I found The Sims 3 Bucket List Bucket List* * This list can be updated with new items based on your suggestions. Seize the Moment Watch Sunrise Go to a Concert Sleep on the Beach See the Northern Lights (SW) Meet Your Idol (LN) See a Circus Show (ST) Gamble (SW) Ride in a Limousine Grape Stomping (WA) Gondola Ride (SW) Sleep Under the Stars Make a Bonfire (UL) Go on a Boat Ride (IP) Write a Love Letter (S) Have a Water balloon / Snowball Fight (S) Kiss in the Rain (S) Sing Karaoke (ST) Dance on the Bar (LN) Go Horseback Riding (P) Challenge yourself Play an Instrument Learn Another Language (WA) Get Married Build a House Reach Nirvana (WA) Adopt an Animal (P) Become Spring King or Queen (S) Go Ice-Skating (S) Go Roller-Skating (S) Paint a Masterpiece Run a Marathon Get a University Degree (UL) Publish a Book Build an Igloo (S) Plant a Tree Take a Cooking Class Renovate an Old House Harvest Honey (SN) Restore a Car (SW) Harvest a baby PlantSim (S) Be daring Streaking (UL) Ride a Rollercoaster (SW) Snorkeling (IP) Scuba Diving (IP) Fall in Love Go Skinny Dipping (LN) Climb a Mountain Go Snowboarding (S) Protest Charm a Snake (WA) Ride a Horse (P) Go Waterskiing (IP) Hot Air Balloon Ride (SW) Swim with Mermaids (IP) Swim with Sharks (IP) Discover The Kraken (IP) Get a Tattoo Ride a Unicorn (P) Ride the Mechanical Bull (ST) Do Graffiti (UL) Do the Cinnamon Challenge (UL) Enter the Polar Bear Club (S) Set off Fireworks (WA/S) Visit a Haunted House Go Camping (WA) Go on a Blind Date (M) Travel & explore Go on Safari in Ziwa Bonde (CW) Visit the Pyramids in Al Simhara, Egypt (WA) Explore a Tomb (WA) Visit the Forgotten Burial Mound in Champs Les Sims, France (WA) Visit the Chateau du Landgraab in Champs Les Sims, France (WA) Visit The Dragon’s Maw in Shang Simla, China (WA) Visit the Eiffel Tower (CW) Sleep in a Castle Trek through Cape Garner (CW) Abbreviations Key: SW = Store World CW = Custom World M = Mod Enabled WA = World Adventures A = Ambitions LN = Late Night G = Generations P = Pets ST = Showtime SN = Supernatural S = Seasons UL = University Life IP = Island Paradise ITF = Into the Future
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