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How to sell out your next concert

Go to to get 20 videos and $950.93 music marketing report for FREE. Welcome to the Independent Music Minute, I'm your host Peter Neuman. So, how would you take what we've learned so far to sell out your own concert? Well, there is really only three moving parts to this formula. First of all, its a list of fans; secondly, a venues and thirdly, an irresistible offer given to your fans so that they buy a ticket and come out to your show. Now, this is most easily done through a direction connection bond with your fans. The direct connection bond can be done either through email, by having their email addresses, by direct mail, sending them postcards or letters, or by online video which would be connected to an email. Now, actually putting together an irresistible offer is not as difficult as most people think because remember the micro-concert venue is really only going to be 40 to 60 seats. And there's a little bit of a trick and a little bit of a secret that I'd like to go over with how you can create an irresistible offer and get your show sold out in less time than you think. We'll cover that in the next video.
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