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The Startup Challenging Ticketmaster and StubHub

Room for innovation in your sector. Sure. There"s tremendous room in the ticketing sect there. To get -- sector. Ticket sellers have not historically had had tools to help them get more tickets. Ticket sellers today are offering better technology for the venues. Traditional ticket sellers traditionally just offer ticketing software. Today they offer website tools, it e-mail, marketing tools, social tools, analytics, crm, that sort of thing which helps them to sell more tickets more effectively. Talk to me specifically about that. Take an event like burning man. What kind of information are you offering the promoters of burning man. What kind of things did they want to know? Burning man may not be a fantastic example. A burning man tickets sell rather quickly. We recently sold 30,000 tickets in a matter of 44 minutes. I will say that it was very gratifying to see the feedback on social media about how the ticket selling process was mor
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