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Super Bowl ticket holders face last minute cancellation

Broker pulls tickets from woman three days before Super Bowl XLIX. PHOENIX - Ticket prices for the Super Bowl are now at a record high. One woman bought tickets months ago-- and now she's stuck with no seats. Shiela Kissel says just three days before the Super Bowl she got a phone call informing her that her tickets most likely wouldn't be ready for her. Kissel is a huge Seahawks fan and is just devastated she won't be there. Now she's wondering how this could happen. She and her husband Ken Kissel splurged on Super Bowl tickets in September before knowing that their home team would even be playing. “I just made this visor and we were hoping to put our tickets on these lanyards,” she said. They even moved their RV from Washington to Arizona to be closer to all the action. “Just so above and beyond excited. And then we got the phone call,” Kissel said. Kissel says Vivid Seats told her that her tickets weren't available anyone. She said the broker offered her two choices--a refund of her tickets, which cost her $4,500, along with an additional check for another $4,500 or she could take a gamble and wait for tickets to possibly come through two hours before kickoff. Kissel took the deal, but said the money will not replace the once-in-a-lifetime experience she and her husband will now have to miss out on. “Our whole bubble has been popped and I'm just heartbroken,” she said. The cheapest Super Bowl tickets as of Friday evening now stand at $9,000. Kissel worries her broker has the ticket and sold it to someone else at a higher price. She says she has no proof of that, but she wonders if some kind of fraud is involved. It hits her even harder because her brother died this year and she planned to bring his ashes to the game so he could be there in spirit. “That was real special thing we were going to do. So that's hard too,” she said. She and Ken will still cheer on their team, but it won't be the same. “We're fans true and blue, but now it's heartbreaking,” she said. ABC15 has heard from many other people reportedly in the same situation. We spoke with a local broker who said they're just the middleman. They find buyers for season ticket holders halfway through the season but when ticket prices shot up, the broker said some season ticket holders backed out to get more money. He added that brokers don't want to buy those tickets at market value. The broker said this is the worst he's ever seen it, and his office has been flooded with calls. The Arizona Attorney General's Office says this is not a criminal issue. They urge anyone with concerns to file a consumer complaint with their office at (602) 542-5763 or visit their website. Vivid Seats provided this statement: “We contacted Ms. Kissel to explain to her that the seller of her tickets advised that they may not be able to deliver those tickets until as late as Sunday. Such a delay in delivery is atypical, and therefore we recognize it could be both concerning and result in a substantial inconvenience for Ms. Kissel. For that reason and in the interest of providing Ms. Kissel alternative options, we offered Ms. Kissel the opportunity to receive a 200% refund, amounting to almost an additional five thousand dollars, if she preferred to cancel her order and make alternate plans with those funds. After some deliberation, she chose to accept that refund of her own accord.” ◂ ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, weather, traffic, streaming video and in-depth coverage to keep you informed throughout the day. Our mission is simple. ABC15 is Taking Action to make Arizona an even better place to live. For more download the ABC15 mobile app: iPhone: Android:
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