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[Summer]140823 JYJ Beijing concert - TALK

Junsu sang a bit of Hug Chinese version. Jaejoong mentioned TVXQ cr: Summer 海豚夏天 Trans-1: @crystalmoon64 via JYJ3 & Kim Jjj Translator’s @crystalmoon64’s Note: After Junsu sang ‘Hug’ and danced to it, fans started chanting TVXQ so Jaejoong tried to respond to it and wrap it up smoothly. He never said he missed the others or wants reunion. He merely recognized the fans’ feelings. Watch from about . "As you feel TVXQ as a memory we do the same. If things work out (among our members) later… It would be nice if we can look back and talk about the fun memories… We debuted 10 years ago… We can talk about this since a long time has passed… Now, let’s moving onto the next song…" Trans-2: Chan Janie JS (bursts into laughter*) : goodbye!(in chinese) JS: anymore? YC: what JS knows is what I know. JS: one thing I wanna say is, I think Chinese translation sounds nice and beautiful. When I was singing, I studied close (referring to fans), and I found how they mouthed those words were very beautiful, isn't it? YC: you sound like a pervert. - Fans scream because of JJ cuteness * - YC: you're good at mouthing words expressively right? JS: well that was in the past but not now. I am growing old, um comparing to the past, um I wanna do it in a more natural way. ( but the translator said I am growing old and not handsome and sexy anymore.) JJ: Wait. Really. I really think Chinese pronunciation is especially difficult.Right? (glancing over YC*) YC: But I think some phrases like friend, are easy to understand coz they sound similar. JJ: I tried hard to pronounce the word "shi" (is in Chinese) while singing. YC: what? JJ: I was like "si"?( mispronounce * ) or "shi"?(right one*) JS: No!( in Chinese)( 1st sound in Chi vowels) No! ( 2nd sound in Chi vowels) No!( 3rd sound in Chi vowels)(well he mispronounced it haha) No! (4th sound in Chi vowels) JJ: It(refering to Chinese) sounds wonderful but it is difficult. JS: ah! When we were back there in the waiting room, I heard one of our Chinese songs. YC: oh! What's that? JS singing hug Chinese ver*( then facepalm*) JJ ---(can't hear it clear) YC: hug! Hug! JS: everyone still remember this song? Singing again * Did the pose in the choreo of hug* JS: firstly, I just sang hug Chinese ver. YC: oh you remember the dance? Dance. JS: of course! Start dancing hug* Thumbs up* JJ: JS is awesome coz he memorized the lyrics well. But I think what's more amazing is you guys who sang along. JS: anyway. I think this moment is very interesting and I enjoy it a lot. - fans screaming Dong Bang Shin Ki - JJ: um, everybody is shouting Dong Bang Shin Ki because you guys miss them. We very much feel the same as well. JJ ---(can't hear it clearly again sorry) But the translator said "if we ever have the chance, we would love to..." JJ: all of us, all of our members, we have debuted for 10 years. Then I can't hear what JJ said clearly once again... JJ: now, maybe we should move on to the next song.
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