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Animal Jam; How to get Diamonds. ♥ { 6 ways, working in December 2014 }

OPEN ME FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS :o Hai Jammers. ♥ How are you doing todayyy? =D Basically I decided to make a video on "How to get Diamonds" because I -throughout the time Diamonds were around- always have managed to have at least 10 Diamonds :) I know alot of people struggle with the whole Diamond Thing, especially Non Members. - How to get Diamonds; I now will name 6 ways to get Diamonds that I mentioned in the video, please note that by the time you watch this some things could've changed^^ First Way: The Code "twelve" will give EVERYONE 1 diamond. It wont work if you already used it once. Second way: Daily Jamaaliday Gifts Now, since they're still going on, I cant tell yet if only Members are going to get gifts. However, if you're a Member and log on everytime they give Diamonds, you will get 17 diamonds :D Third Way: Daily Spin. Anyone can win Diamonds from the Daily Spin, just try to log on as often as you can and you might will get 1,2 or even 3 Diamonds! :D Fourth Way: If you're a Member you will get 1 Diamond every week!^^ Fifth Way: Buying a Diamond Card You can buy a Diamond Card on the AJ Outfitters!^^ It wont give you any Membership though, you'll "only" get the diamonds. Sixth Way: Buying a Membership with Diamonds If where you live they sell AJ Membership Cards you can just buy them in Stores :) If not, you can buy them off the AJ Outfitters: These were all the ways to get Diamonds, December 2014. I might will add more ways later on :D - Tysm for watching! ♥ Make sure to give this video a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it :D Comment below your: Answer of the Day! Have a nice day^^ Ily all ;** ♥ - » Where you'll find me! Animal Jam; xMimiCupcake Instaℊram: xMimiCupcake Club Penℊuin; Milly2515 Sky℘e; xMimiCupcake Chicken Smoothie: xMimiCupcake Transformice: Mybroisfur Copyrights; Intro & Outro made by FeatherBrownie I do not own the game I was playing. Song used; Jamaaliday Jam - Animal Jam ~ xMimiCupcake. ♥
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