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LAURYN HILL Explains To A Fan Why She Was Late To A Concert(Video Footage)

NEW In this ©GmiasWorld podcast Gmia discusses Lauryn Hill Explains To A Fan Why She Was Late To A Concert(Video Footage). It’s up to the viewer to decide how they ultimately feel about any topic. This podcast states Gmia’s view, feel free to leave comments that will generate objective conversation. Please be respectable and adhere to the YouTube terms of service when leaving a comment or it may be deleted. GmiasWorld Commentary GmiasWorld loves Gaming. The Madden NFL Series has been a favorite since SEGA Genesis, even though the NFL 2K series on Dreamcast still remains one of the most impressive football games ever made! Lauryn Hill slammed after she shows up two hours late to Atlanta show, gets mic cut after 40 minutes! GmiasWorld has harnessed the power of YouTube to share comedy and gaming an a way that is very different from other YouTubers! From Comedy Skits, Voice Overs, Podcasts, Music albums, GmiasWorld shares it all with you. Compare GmiasWorld to your favorites, AntoDaBoss, CULLENBURGER, cookieboy17, Chris Smoove, Markiplier, sWooZie, DashieGames, theRadBrad, Typical Gamer, or DJ Akademiks. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a GmiasWorld video! About GmiasWorld On this channel, you will see Madden 16 Ultimate Team also referred to as MUT 16, a new game mode in Madden 16 that allows gamers to create an Ultimate Team based on NFL players from the past and present! The best thing that can happen to GmiasWorld is if we get a Golden Ticket Pull in Madden 16! The Golden Ticket is a hot commodity in MUT 16, so my chances may be slim. Either way I will occasionally engage in Madden 16 Ultimate Team Pack Openings, I invite you check out my pack luck in Madden 16 right here at GmiasWorld. From Madden 16, GTA 5, Minecraft, Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, Outlast, Rocket League & Hilarious Skits/Podcasts, GmiasWorld is sharing it all with you! Make sure you subscribe today so you don’t miss anything! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Podcasts (iTunes) ► Podcasts (Android) ► Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► T-Shirts & More!!! ► SoundCloud ► Background Music: @ZaneAlexanderNC (Twitter)
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