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What Can Happen if My Iron is Low During Pregnancy?

What can happen if my iron is low during pregnancy? You get diagnosed with anemia. What are the day to day side effects? You are tired all the time. You are chronically fatigued, and sleep never seems to be enough. And you can blame it all on the baby. Along with the morning sickness, breast pain, and back pain. Low anemia may be caused by the increased blood production required to support the child. Or it could be caused by the aversion to meat many women have during pregnancy. The smell of fish and steak make me ill. True, but one serving of steak has all the iron you need to cure the anemia. If I could stand it, but I can't. Even the iron supplements make me ill. The iron supplements can aggravate the morning sickness and nausea. You can ask for time release iron supplements that aren't as harsh on your stomach. Or I could eat foods that are high in iron. Can you handle eggs? If not, you're done to greens like spinach and dried fruit like prunes. I can't stand prunes. Try raisins. Or eat iron enriched cereals. It's certainly more tasty than eating beans and lentils. Hey, that's the foundation of Indian cuisine. Chickpeas, lentils and rice. Just because they eat it all the time doesn't mean they want to. Did you ever notice how many peppers and spices they need to keep eating it? It's just that you don't want to have low iron during pregnancy because then you can't really do much. Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions for it. At least they don't all taste bad. Is milk fine? Yes, milk is fine. It is rich in iron as well as other nutrients. Just like it is for my baby.
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