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Remain Indoors - Periphery - FULL Instrumental Cover - Gary Wiryawan

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Instagram: @bejophotography Photography blog: Shot using Panasonic GX7, GX8, LX100, and Sony Xperia Z2(headstock cam) Recorded and mixed in Reaper Video edited in Sony Movie Studio Platinum Hey guys, today I want to share my newest full instrumental cover of Periphery's new song called Remain Indoors. It's from their newest album Periphery III: Select Difficulty. I recorded all the parts, interpreted the drum on my MT Power Drum Kit, mixed them all, and tried to nail both the notes and the mix by ears, so there are some places where I improvised and not 100% like the original. The mix is also quite different than the mix on the original Periphery version, this has my own twist to it. Hope you guys don't mind. Enjoy! Guitar and bass FX: Positive Grid Bias Amp Desktop Drum: MT Power Drum kit II Synth: Yamaha PSR S710 and TAL Noise Maker All rights belong to their respective owner. No copyright infringement intended.
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