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ED SHEERAN - Photograph (Bruno Bürger Cover)

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This video is made to remind ourselves how important is to spend every spare minute with you´re family and most of all with you´re kids. Because they are little for a minute and then they will grow up so fast. So love your´re child like you´re child loves you!! Big thanks to Ed Sheeran for making this amazing song. I had to rewrite some lyrics and here they are: So you can keep me Inside the pocket Of your "pink" jeans Holdin' me closer 'Til our eyes meet You won't ever be alone Oh you can fit me Inside the teddy bear you get when you go sleeping Next to your bed Where I´ll always be Keeping you safe over the night When I'm away I will remember how you kissed me On the cheek you said you´ll miss me Hearing you whisper through the phone, "Daddy I´ll wait you at home. Big thanks to Eetu Laaksonen for making this awesome video and Timo Haanpaa for playing the guitar exc. This is my way of saying:"Thank you for being the best daughter in the whole wide world. I´m SO proud to be you´re dad!!!!
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