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Cheese Ranch

Cheese Ranch only lasted one year, and through struggles and one equipment theft, and like a moth that got too close to a lightbulb, expired. We practiced where we could, including the Peace Centre on Gottigen St., Pier 21 and the Khyber Building, all in Halifax. We were on the live compilation "Cod Can't Hear". After this recording Todd and I went on to form Grain Elevator with drummer Mick Farland in 1993, and continue to this day to work on musical projects without Mick. I hope you like this rare recording - Roland Blinn, May 2000 1. "soft & fluffy" talk 2. No One Listened 3. Boom Boom Nick 4. Dinky Rink 5. "embarrassing" talk 6. Square Glance 7. Perpendicular Muffins 8. Molly's Music Stand 9. Waldo's Ashes 10. "georgie" talk 11. Mort d'Amour 12. Just A Guy 13. "thanks ckdu" talk 14. 2.35 Million 15. Worshipping Bugs 16. Tight Going 17. My College Career All Cheese Ranch selections composed by Roland Blinn & Todd Michalik SOCAN and arranged by Cheese Ranch. Roland Blinn: Vocal, Organ Todd Michalik: Lead Guitar Ed Michalik: Acoustic Guitar Lucas Pearse: Bass Guitar Ben Ross: Drums
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