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The Pee-ew #348: The

Michael Alig and Ernie Glam discuss the "last" Western Union telegram, Cher concert and Hostess Twinkie. Find out more about Michael Alig and the club kids at Find out more about Ernie Glam and Project X Magazine at Follow Michael Alig on Twitter: @alig_aligula Follow Ernie Glam: @ErnieGlam Follow The Pee-ew on Twitter: @thepeeew Follow Michael Alig on Facebook at ... Follow Ernie Glam on Facebook at ... Follow The Pee-ew on Facebook at Follow Michael Alig on Instagram at Follow The Pee-ew on Instagram at Producers Michael Alig Ernie Glam Scott McEwen Hey You! Michael Alig and Ernie Glam can be found taping The Pee-ew live every Saturday from 7-10pm at Lovegun (617 Grand Street), in Brooklyn. Come sit in the studio audience and be part of the festivities! The Pee-ew is the stinky new comedy talk show that lets the children have it! Michael Alig and Ernie Glam are back together again in The Pee-ew to bring you their special brand of political incorrectness and social satire. Each hysterical, action-packed episode features everyone's favorite ex-club kids pointing their fingers and giggling deviously at the ills of society --giving American Consumer and Celebrity culture a heavy dose of its own medicine. Are they Anarchists, Libertarians, the Illuminati? Whatever you decide, remember there are three things you must do each and every day: Eat! Sleep! Watch The Pee-ew! Subscribe to The Pee-ew and help us reach our goal of 5000 to get free studio time at Google! Follow The Pee-ew on Twitter: Follow The Pee-ew on Facebook: Follow The Pee-ew on Instagram: Who the hell do Michael Alig and Ernie Glam think they are? Michael Alig spearheaded a countercultural youth movement based on the concept of the Warholian "anti-Celebrity" and became King of the Club Kids before inspiring the film Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin. He is currently painting masterpieces of artwork; working on his autobiography, Aligula; designing a club kid-inspired clothing line called Skroddleface; directing a NYC art collective called Countdown and recording a new dance single. One of the original club kids, Ernie Glam is a journalist and irreverent talk show host by day, Underground clothing designer and stylist-to-the-stars by night; catch him - -if you can get past the red velvet ropes -- at the city's hottest nightclubs and parties. Shop at AligMart for all your club kid merchandising needs! Category Comedy License Standard YouTube License
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