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I share my experience of Chance The Rapper's amazing Melbourne performance and what the 'VIP Meet & Greet' experience, what meeting Chance was like and why I don't recommend anyone buys the a Chance meet & greet in the future. Jungle Beat’s Radio aspires to be Australia’s plug to the best most prolific and unique hiphop artists in the world. @AlexanderMann & @AlexSandalis host one of Melbourne’s few, and best HipHop radio shows. JBR is purely about creatively sharing our love for music and hiphop with energy, positivity and passion. We started this in 2015 with a live weekly 1 hour hiphop show on a radio station in Melbourne. In August 2016 we decided to create Jungle Beats Radio. To us, Australia doesn't have a strong hiphop identity within culture. Who do you think of when you think hiphop in Australia? Most think of 99 people OUTSIDE of this very country. Maybe we can change that in some small way to push it forward. This endeavor through radio and music is not what either of us focus the majority of our time on. Working on Jungle Beats Radio is side hustle of ours. Even though it takes up a lot of our time no one pays us for it. So it’s not going to be perfect. It’s gonna be messy, haphazard and we’re gonna fuck up. But that’s music and we love it. Thank you for supporting us. You can follow us here: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: CUSTOM HIPHOP MUSIC POSTERS:
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