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I Told The Storm - Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful Noize

Not as current but still powerful! Lyrics: Even though your winds blow I want you to know You cause me no alarm Cause I'm safe in his arms Even though your rain falls I can still make this call; Let there be peace Now I can say go away I command you to move today Because of faith, I have a brand new day The sun will shine - and I will be okay That's when I told the storm! I told the storm to pass (oh yes I did) Storm you can't last (oh oh, you've got to go away) Go away - I command you to move today Storm - when God speaks; (when God speaks, you don't have a choice in the matter) Storm - you've got to cease That's what I told storm! Wind stop blowing! Flood stop flowing! Lightning stop flashing! Breakers stop dashing! Darkness go away! Clouds move away! That's what I told the storm! Death can't shake me! Job can't make me! Bills can't break me! You can't drown me! Cause my Gods surrounds me! That's what I told the storm
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