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UGA 2014 Fall Orchestra Festival Beethoven's 5th Symphony Finale

A live symphony performance of Beethoven's 5th Symphony 4th movement is pure beauty to behold in every respect. The richness and complexity of sound has long been enjoyed by countless masses just listening to recordings. The unexpected pleasure, however was the actual sight of how the Symphony Orchestra moves to produce the final result. From the balcony above, the pure genius of Beethoven can begin to be realized. There is ebb and flow of sound, light touches and trills and near explosive washes of harmony and tone. And from above, the eyes of the audience are opened as if for the first time to really SEE that Beethoven knew the magic of movement. That said, to enjoy such symphonic rapture is one thing. To be enveloped by it in the elegantly graceful architecture of the Nell Hodgson School of Music Auditorium at the University of Georgia is entirely another. There are many more grand places one can enjoy a good symphony performance, but there is a magic in the simplicity of this auditorium that is bested by none. It is possibly the clean lines and yawning arches that give even the youngest of orchestras such rich sound. In this video, a group of students from all over Georgia converged for the Annual Fall Orchestra Festival put on by Dr.s Skip Taylor and Mark Cedel. Musicians from the UGA Symphony provided wind and percussion support. These students have two full days to rehearse together (nearly sight reading some very technically challenging pieces). They work on musicianship, technical proficiency, and outright pure grit in sectionals to make for an amazing performance. Every year, Skip Taylor and Mark Cedel bring in the most amazing conductors who manage to coax the absolute best performance anyone could hope for from such a short lived group. They also bring in some of the best music educators around as well. This year, the conductor was Jere Flint (for those local to Atlanta, GA, they may recognize him as the conductor for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra...... one of the more prestigious honors orchestras of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. After watching him through the weekend, and in the time around the performance, I must personally note: He is the single most gracious, kind, and caring mentor musician for young people I have ever met. The care he has for each student as an individual as well as for the orchestra as a whole is evident in everything he does. Mr. Flint's Biography is as follows: Cellist Jere Flint is currently in his fourth decade with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO). Since 1979 he has served as Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (holder of the Zeist Foundation Chair), which continues to be considered as one of the finest youth orchestra programs in the country. He directs weekly ASYO rehearsals and three major concerts a year as well as other ASYO concerts throughout the season. When not on the podium, Mr. Flint is a member of the ASO cello section. As the ASO’s Staff Conductor, he develops and conducts the popular Family Concert Series as well as Symphony Street concerts for young children and Concerts for Young People for elementary and middle school children. He often conducts Delta Classic Chastain concerts at Chastain Park Amphitheater and performances at the Orchestra’s summer home, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park, in addition to other special concerts throughout the year. Mr. Flint is also Conductor of the Reinhardt University Symphony Orchestra. He has also conducted at the Brevard Music Center, Sewanee Summer Music Center, and Southeastern Music Center, and has led several honors and all-state orchestras. In addition, Mr. Flint has served as conductor for a number of national touring companies of Broadway shows and Theater of the Stars productions. Mr. Flint earned his bachelor’s degree in music from Wittenberg University in Ohio where he was assistant director of the school’s noted choir. At the University of Washington in Seattle, where he received his Master of Arts degree in music, he served as manager of the university’s opera company and music director for the School of Drama. He pursued further conducting studies at Yale University with Otto-Werner Mueller.
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