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How To Start An Online Store And Make Passive Income

How to start an online store and make passive income is easy. With the help of YouTube annotations & Merch partners, you can make passive income now. Please give me 2 minutes and I will show you how to make passive income using YouTube and their Merch partners. Do you find yourself saying, "I need money" or "I hate my job" or "I need a job"? Guess what? You are not alone. Companies are taking advantage of their employees because they can in today's environment. Employee engagement is at an all time low because morale sucks. Let's say you can't quit your job yet but you really want to find other ways to make extra money. You can use the "Merch" YouTube annotations to link to YouTube's merchandise partners to sell their products. You can create an online store for free and sell sweatshirts, urban clothing, tshirts, indie clothing, band t shirts, rock t shirts, movie tickets, concert tickets and more This is a great way to start your own business and make passive income 247 Let's take a quick look at the Merch Annotations on YouTube Start by picking a video from your video manager. Then go to annotations and choose the box style you want to put on your video. Now choose "Add Annotations". Then pick they style you want. The most important part of this process is to click on the box next to "Link" and then click on the link next to "Video" and choose "Merch". Here's what you should do next. Click on that link you see on this video. We will teach you how to create videos that get ranked number one on Google, YouTube and Bing. We will also show exactly how you can start your own business and make passive income 247 using YouTube annotations. What are you waiting for? Click on that link right now! Website: YouTube Channel URL: YouTube Video URL: Facebook: Twitter:
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