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Welcome To LazyTown (HD version) | LazyTown (w/ Subtitles)

First LazyTown episode S01E01 with Subtitles - August 16, 2004 --- Everything from the script to the finished product is produced within the Icelandic studio building: image data processing, CGI, compositing, editing, colour correction, finishing, music & sound composition, recording & editing etc. Each episode cost $500,000. Created by Magnus Scheving, Lazytown is a show featuring the importance of health, fitness, and being good friends. Set in a fantasy world known as LazyTown, which is populated by inactive residents, we meet a visitor named Stephanie who is determined to coax her friends and relatives into adopting a healthful, active life style. She wins over her new friends, Ziggy, Stingy, Trixie and Pixel, convincing them to leave their gaming consoles and candy stashes at home so they can go outside and play. She persuades her uncle, Mayor Milford Meanswell, and his friend Ms. Busybody to support her efforts. Robbie Rotten, who lives underground, and is determined to return Lazy Town to its former state of inactivity and quiet, constantly foils the characters' efforts. Coming to the rescue is the athlete Sportacus who lives in a zeppelin-like aircraft and receives signals from the kids or the Mayor whenever they need help. Sportacus has two goals, to keep the peace and to promote healthful, positive living. When Robbie Rotten is discovered and contained through comic pratfalls, he returns to his underground lair and all is well in Lazy Town, until another day and another time when Robbie will rise again. ------------------- Things is upside-down up in LazyTown. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Stephanie, a optimistic playa wit bright pink hair, comes ta live up in LazyTown n' meets a zany mix of townspeople, includin tha ghetto's laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Fortunately fo' Stephanie, LazyTown be also under tha watchful eye of Sportacus, a athletic, super-active, slightly-above-average hero, whoz ass runs, jumps, flips n' flies ta tha rescue up in his wild lil' AirShip. Sportacus always manages ta save tha dizzle n' ta help tha lil playaz of LazyTown foil Robbie's sickest lazy schemes. Da other lil playaz of LazyTown is inquisitive, adventurous, playful, n' like Stephanie, just tryin ta figure up they own ghettos. Each of dem has strengths n' weaknesses dat all lil playas can identify with. Tune up in fo' freshly smoked up adventures, every mornin at 7am ET on tha telly. Righ'on Homies! ------------------ Stephanie, la protagonista de la serie, una niña optimista con el pelo rosa, continúa viviendo en el pueblo, cada vez más fastidiado por la pifias del malvado Robbie Rotten. Por suerte para ella, Lazytown también está bajo el ojo vigilante de Sportacus, un atlético súper héroe que corre, salta, hace acrobacias y vuela a bordo de su aeronave. Con la ayuda de todos y de las "sportchuches", las frutas y verduras que suponen su fuente de energía, Sportacus siempre consigue frustrar los planes más holgazanes de Robbie. ------------------
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