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Taylor Swift Performs on Super Bowl Saturday Night 2017 (compilation)

A few highlights of Taylor's performance in Houston, TX the night before the Super Bowl. This was a private event hosted by AT&T/DirecTV at the Nomadic Theater in Houston (apparently built just for this concert). To answer the questions people have asked: a) There were about 9,000 people there in total (by invitation), and b) You are watching all the footage I have. I did not record the whole concert...not enough battery for that, and wanted to watch with my eyes! So no need to ask me to post full clips (I don't have any more) c) Recorded snippets just to share with my girls, who are huge Taylor Swift fans, until my battery died (2 songs left) d) Yes, it was a great show, and Taylor joked that "As far as I know, this is 100% of my tour dates for 2017". e) Hope you enjoy what's here!
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