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How do digital cameras work? | James May Q&A | Head Squeeze

You're at the best concert ever and all you can think of is taking as many pics of your favourite super star on your trusty smart phone. You've spent more time taking photos than actually enjoying the concert, but who cares? You've got the proof to show all your workmates you were there! But how exactly does a digital camera work? It's all very simple really. The camera's sensor is covered with tiny light sensitive cells, each of which can measure the amount of light that falls on it. The cells act like the old photosensitive film, reacting to the light which falls on them and then reporting to the camera's microprocessor brain. The camera doesn't just look at an individual pixel on the sensor; it also looks at the pixels around it to come up with an informed guess of what the true colour of that pixel is. In taking that awesome shot of your dinner for Instagram, making sure you have just enough light, have you ever wondered how light bulbs work? Getting your eyebrows waxed ahead of your photo shoot? Greg Foot explains why we have eyebrows: What question do you want Head Squeeze to answer next? Join our G+ Community and tell us!
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