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Pine Breeze Traditional Music Project

Between 1975 to 1981, The Traditional Music Project at Pine Breeze Center released 8 LPs of field recordings of fiddle tunes, songs, and ballads from some of the last remaining traditional musicians living in Southeast Tennessee. The Pine Breeze recordings introduced the world to such old time fiddlers as Eldia Barbee, Blaine Smith, and Homer Chastain; ballads singers including Ella Hughes and Russ Vandergriff, and rare and unknown tunes such as "Old Chattanooga", Ike Ward, Chocktaw Bill, Bottle of Wine & Gingercake, Muddy Road to Ducktown, and many more. This video includes some unreleased radio promotions by the Pine Breeze students, pictures and the voices of the traditional musicians, and the PM Magazine national broadcast from 1980 about the Pine Breeze Traditional Music Project.
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