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How To Strum the Ukulele // Beginner Uke Tutorial

aloha uke fans! i've had a lot of requests on how to strum more clearly on the ukulele. this tutorial covers: 1. using your thumb to get more power and grip 2. how to position your index to get more clarity and control 3. downstrum and upstrum i reference the island strum, which you can learn here in the Stand By Me tutorial: if you're brand new to uke, visit the first lesson on Three Little Birds: Get chord charts at Support more uke tutorials and videos: NEWBIE FAQS: For beginner uke players, I recommend a concert (if you are a smaller person) or tenor (for bigger/taller people or former guitar players). Sopranos are often cheaper but can be more difficult to learn on since they're smaller. BUDGET STARTER UKES under $100 Kohala concert: (if you spend less than this, the uke might sound like a toy) Kohala tenor: Makai concert: Makai tenor: NICE STARTER UKES $100- $160 Makai tenor: Islander concert: Islander tenor: Everyone should have a clip-on tuner - they work by vibration so they're more accurate than phone apps. I like this one: Snark SN-2 These gig bags are always out of stock, but I like them best because they have backpack straps and are well-padded. Gearlux Concert gig bag If you're looking for a book of songs, the Daily Ukulele is a great resource for classic and traditional songs, including Beatles and jazz standards. Daily Ukulele Plenty of chord charts online as well! *** Join me for live jams by becoming a Patron at: Find me here and say hi! facebook: instagram: twitter: Thank you!
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