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Kala KA-KTG-CT Koa Tenor Ukulele Review (Apologies for the video quality on this!) Hi this is Steve Sellers in San Antonio Texas for with a review, just for you, of this beautiful Kala Tenor Ukulele. Now this ukulele has a long name, it's the Kala KA-KTG-CT tenor ukulele and let me tell you, it's a real eye-catcher. When I saw it in the store it caught my eye immediately, it's absolutely beautiful here's why This is a pure cedar top, which gives the ukulele a really nice ring. then you have the shell inlay here. It has a binding, the white binding but that is accentuated by the shell inlay and this is great, all around the body, the rosette at the soundhole and look at this and even has the shell right there on the headstock which makes it so beautiful. Like I said, a really eye-catching ukulele. But, how does it sound? Well the sound is accented by Koa wood: Hawaiin Koa wood on the back and on the sides Really nicely figured. This neck is mahogany then you have rosewood accents, on the bridge and has a rosewood fingerboard and has saw some more beautiful accents on the fret markers. So in terms of good looking ukuleles, this is one of them. It's also accentuated by these tuner buttons which are black which gives it a really nice touch In terms of the sound of the ukulele, the tenor well let me tell ya, I think this uke finds a great balance between the brightness that you want in your open chords... ... and when you start playing some closed, jazz chords, it doesn't mush out like a lot of ukuleles do. It still keeps enough brightness so you still get the beauty of the chord... As far as the downside of this ukulele, here is what I did - this particular tenor Kala Ukulele does not come with a pickup or a tuner which I wanted. I had my professional Luthier, here in San Antonio order the exact Kala tuner and pick up that are used on the rest of their ukes and professionally install it on this particular ukulele. So the only downside doesn't come with a pickup but I had his professionnally installed. Just a tip, when you're having work like that done, please use a professional luthier. You don't want to mess up a really pretty ukulele like the Kala KA-KTG-CT. There's more Kala ukulele reviews at Aloha!
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