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"Hallelujah" Your Love is Amazing - New Christian group "Rescued" (cover)

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Our album will be coming out soon. If you are interested in purchase an album please contact us at and leave your information. We will contact you as soon as they are ready. Our album "His" is filled with lots of Praise and Worship songs that touched our hearts and are sure to touch yours. Here is a list of songs on the album with one "bonus" original song written by one of our members: Please, Let us know what you think! 1. "Hallelujah" Your Love is Amazing 2. God of Wonders 3. I Can Only Imagine 4. Agnus Dei 5. Better Than A Hallelujah 6. Praise You in the Storm 7. The Stand 8. Revelation Song 9. I Will Rise 10. Jesus Messiah 11. Let the River Flow 12. Our Great God 13. If We've Ever Needed You 14. Power of Your Love 15. We Will Dance 16. Hideaway (Original Song) Thanks and God Bless Special thanks to: College Road Recording in Spokane WA. (509) 328-4200 and all musicians We do not own any rights to this song. This is our cover version of a fabulous worship song. All instrumentation and vocals done by the members of Rescued.
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