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Concert Ukulele Review Hilary HC-01 Concert Ukulele Review

This is an unbiased review of the Hilary HC-01 concert ukulele. It is a budget ukulele for beginners and/or intermediate players. Great ukulele at a very competitive price. The action is low and, once tuned up, the ukulele is playable straight out of the box.It has a long scale length compared to some concert sized ukuleles and it keeps tune very well and the intonation is good. I was pleasantly surprised by this budget-end ukulele. Video starts off with a review of the instrument and is followed by some examples of how it sounds strummed and picked. Apologies for lighting issues. It's winter here and very dark even with lights on! Video is best watched in expanded view. Very similar ukulele to "Ammoon" and "Excelsior" brand ukuleles and "Better" brand .
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