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[REWIND VLOG] TRB in Manila (Part 2): Hi-touch with BTS!

NOTE: VOTE & STREAM BTS DAILY FOR END OF YEAR AWARDS FAM. YOU BEST NOT BE SLACKING. They deserve that DAESANG. My fanaccount to what went down back in The Red Bullet in Manila's High touch event with Bangtan in December 06, 2014. READ FAQs about this video below. Event clips and pictures taken from Pulp Live Events. This has been such a memorable experience! Yes, I feel so so so lucky and blessed on my trip. All in one weekend. It was truly amazing. I hope I'll be able to meet them again someday soon, as well as other fellow ARMYs too. Follow me on: Instagram: @reezlae My KPOP cover group: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) (I've seen these being asked multiple times to which I've already answered within the video or on replies on other comments but I'll simply leave it here for everyone to see, so i don't need to keep repeating myself.) 1. "Who took the pictures? Were you allowed to hold your cameras during the hi-touch?" - Pulp World organizers arranged several photographers and videographers to record and take photos of ARMYs' interaction with BTS. They were taken at random times, so we didn't know how much of our interactions were being captured till later. - No, we weren't allowed to actually hold anything while coming up the platform where BTS were to do the hi-touch. Since there were already hired people to take our pictures, we were able to capture our moments with them that way. 2. "Where did you get the pictures? Where can I find them?" - The pictures are sent to the private email accounts of ARMYs who went in the hi-touch by Pulp World organizers. Access to these photos are private to only the ones who attended the hi-touch as well. I cannot give you all public access to the rest of the pics in the event as it might make some ARMYs who also had their pictures taken at the event uncomfortable. 3. "Were you allowed to give them gifts?" - Technically yes, however As I mentioned above, we weren't allowed to hold anything while doing the hi-touch interactions with the members. We weren't allowed to HAND IT TO THEM. Many ARMYs brought their gifts to BTS that day, so the organizers collected all of them and sent all of the gifts to them in one go. (See one of BTS' Bangtan Bombs around December 2014 or early 2015 where they were in a dressing room backstage randomly playing with toys. Those are all our gifts that was sent to their dressing room from this event ^^) 4. "What ticket did you buy, and how much?" - I bought "PULP ROYALTY" which was the highest type of ticket during TRB in Manila. Back then it cost 10,000php. It includes a spot in hi-touch, and also front pit area in the concert itself. (These ran out fast, so if you're planning to get good interactions and spots in the concert, be ready to spend a lot of money and also be ready for when they'll start selling tickets for upcoming concert/events.) 5. "Where can I buy tickets for the upcoming BTS concert in Manila?" - Dear ARMYs, I do not live in Philippines so I cant give you updates or accurate information. I suggest referring to the organizer's page such as Happee Sy on facebook or her twitter account for quick and official updates (if the event is being handled by Pulp World). -Do your research otherwise~ The rules/prices/procedures vary from concert to concert so be sure to check the organizers' sites for info. 6. "Are you going to the upcoming Epilogue concert in Manila?" - Sadly no. I will not be flying to Philippines this time around. 💔 7. "What's your height?" - I think the reason why this came up a lot is because of the huge height difference I had with BTS on the pictures... I am 164CM (about 5"4) *they are taller than you may think* Thanks for watching! Hope you guys enjoyed!
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