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MTV vidcheck- January 16, 1985

Taken from almost 2 1/2 hours of footage with Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn your VJs. 1. Roman Holliday- One Foot Back In Your Door 2. MTV ants bumper 3. The Cars- Shake It Up 4. VJ commentary (Mark Goodman signing off) 5. Commercials: a. L'Oreal Free Hold b. Adrian Belew Instructional Guitar home video by DCI Music Video 6. MTV music television: It sounds better in stereo 7. Bruce Springsteen- Born In The U.S.A. 8. Chicago- You're The Inspiration 9. MTV Special report: The Rock and Wrestling Connection featuring Cyndi Lauper, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Dick Clark, David Wolff and Hulk Hogan 10. John Fogerty- The Old Man Down The Road 11. VJ commentary with Ozzy Osbourne interview, Sammy Hagar tour dates, and The Cars "Why Can't I Have You" world premiere video plug 12. Commercials: a. Vidal Sassoon b. Tuff Turf movie trailer 13. MTV: We're up to what there's up to next 14. Survivor- High On You 15. The Honeydrippers- Rockin' At Midnight 16. VJ commentary with Rod Stewart Sunday Night Special plug 17. Commercials: a. Nautilus Fitness Centers b. Channel 14 Albuqeraque Dallas sweepstakes c. CARE Campaign for Africa 18. Missing Persons MTV bumper 19. Rod Stewart- Baby Jane 20. Billy Joel- Keeping The Faith 21. Elvis Costello- Accidents Will Happen 22. MTV steel conveyor belt bumper 23. M&M- Cooling The Medium 24. More VJ commentary 25. Commercials: a. M&M's b. Head & Shoulders 26. MTV Sneak Preview Videos 27. MTV Music News: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band/Hall & Oates tour dates (the Charlotte, NC show happens to be my birthday)/The Cars, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon MTV Exclusives 28. Toto- Rosanna 29. MTV "pool party" bumper 30. Billy Ocean- Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) 31. Commercials: a. Cover Girl featuring Carol Alt b. Ghoulies trailer c. Clearasil 32. MTV: People Really Win 33. General Public- Tenderness 34. MTV Top of the Hour bumper 35. World Premiere Video: The Cars- Why Can't I Have You (the special graphic for this was introduced some time during 1985) 36. VJ commentary 37. Billy Idol- Rebel Yell 38. Music News: Chicago/Deep Purple tour dates 39. Commercials: a. Life Savers b. Musicland c. Tampax 40. John Waite/Rod Stewart weekend specials promos 41. John Parr- Naughty Naughty 42. VJ commentary 43. Commercials: a. Sandia Vision Clinic b. Deep Purple at the Tingley Coliseum c. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 44. MTV: Why risk your neck on a dangerous outdoor sport? 45. Talking Heads- Once In A Lifetime 46. Don Henley- The Boys Of Summer 47. MTV winking smiley bumper 48. Lionel Richie- Penny Lover 49. VJ commentary: 50. Commercials: a. Mars bar b. Chevrolet Cavalier c. Another Vidal Sassoon 51. MTV: In Stereo 52. MTV music news: The Human League/Jan Hammer/MTV exclusives: Pat Benatar/REO Speedwagon/David Lee Roth 53. .38 Special- Back Where You Belong 54. MTV city street bumper 55. Simple Minds- Don't You (Forget About Me) 56. MTV Top 20 Video Countdown promo/Madonna "The Gambler" world premiere video plug 57. Commercials: a. US Navy b. Pay Day/Baby Ruth/Butterfinger c. Another Tuff Turf trailer d. Diet Shasta 58. The MTV Basement Tapes promo 59. Bryan Adams- Run To You 60. MTV Top of the Hour bumper 61. Pat Benatar- Ooh Ooh Song 62. MTV music news: Billy Idol/Chaka Khan/Hal & Oates tour dates 63. Commercials: a. Another Cover Girl b. Levi's 501 Jeans c. Quaker Granola Dipps (nicely done Barbara Ann-style!) 64. MTV: People Really Win featuring Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 65. Van Halen- Jump
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