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Anything Justin Bieber does—or doesn't do—is huge national international news. Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC, cut off Jane Harman mid-NSA discussion, saying, "Congresswoman, let me interrupt you just for a moment, we have some breaking news out of Miami..." Yes, that breaking news was about the Biebs, but it wasn't his initial arrest or even his mug shot.It was the 19-year-old singer appearing before the judge for his bond hearing stemming from his Jan.23 DUI arrest. One thing's for sure,whatever happens with the Biebs, the world will be watching. If you're itching for some new Lana Del Rey music, wait no further! The "Young & Beautiful" singer will be releasing a new album titled Ultraviolence this year. But it looks like she'll be making a magical musical debut before her highly anticipated album! According to Amazon's online music store, the songstress will be lending her vocal skills to "Once Upon A Dream" on Disney 's Maleficent soundtrack! It seems like we've heard from everyone BUT Kim Kardashian about the breakup of Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner . Well now she is finally speaking her mind. And Kim's mind is apparently a lot more prescient than ours! She says she kind of saw the split coming! She says: "It wasn't a surprise, actually. They have been kind of living like friends for a really long time. So I just feel like, you want your parents to be happy. I think it was more awkward for them to live together and just not sleep in the same room." Remember how peeps were totally spreading rumors that Britney Spears ' Las Vegas show was flopping when it came to ticket sales? Guess who has the highest selling residency in Sin City so far this year? StubHub is reporting that Brit-Brit's stage spectacular is already outselling the likes of Celine Dion , Elton John , Shania Twain and Rod Stewart ! And while StubHub won't give exact sales figures for Spears' concert series, they have shared that 14% of ALL tix already sold are for the February 14th show.
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