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Tank - Celebration Remix ( feat. Chris Brown & Trey Songz ) Lyrics

(Download MP3) : [Lyrics] (Chris) Ya Panties On The Floor Right Next To Me Gotchu Screamin N*gga Daaamnnn Aint That Sign Up On The Door That Say Privacy CUZ YOU GON GET IT GIIIIRRRLL!! Bend Your Back Now Girl Imma Set The Camara Up Blow Ya Back Out, Rewind The Tape And Play It Back Now Girl So Just Celebrate Ladieeeessss Right Nooowwww Saidd Ohhhh Im Gonna Get It You Gonna Get It Baby When I Did It (2x) Work You Riiiiigghttt (Hook) Get That Bottle Of That Rose Baby We Gon Celebrate Feel Like Its Your Birthday Baby We Gon Celebrate Private After Party I Cant Wait To Celebrate All Up On Your Body (Chorus) Its Like The Forth Of July In Between You Thighs Its Like Fireworks Just Light Up The Sky Dont Need No Invitation Your My Reservation To This Love Makin Its A Celebration (Trey) Ooooohhhhhhhhhh Celebrate You Just Cuz You Special I Show You When I Undress Ya Girl Oooooohhhhhhh Its A Celebration Ohhhh Girl Lets Celebraaaate Pulled Up, In The Drop Top You Hopped Your Sexy A*s In Girl Im Tellin You Once This Party Start It Never Ends Buckle Up Girl You Know How This Mazerati Spins Just Wanna Touch You In Places My Hand've Never Been Yes Boo, So True, My Lips Too They Were Made To Kiss You Make you Say I Miss You Just Cuz Of The Way That I Lick You Fresh Up Off The Road, On A World Wide Tour You Can Celebrate Now Baby Im Yours (Hook) Imma Treat You To A Trey Daa Baby We Could Celebrate You Can Have It Your Way Baby We Could Celebrate Girll I Want your Bodyyy Baby We Could Celebrate Private Slumber Partyyyyyy *VOCALS* (Tank) Can I Kill It (Kill It) Kill It (Kill It) Celebrate So Hard Imma Make You Feel It Kill It (Kill It) Kill It (Kill It) Its The Remix So You Know I Had To Goooo Iinn Your Body's Like My Favorite Holiday Like The Eve Of Somethin Big And I Can Hardly Wait Like Its Only Once A Year I Always Mark The Date When Its Here And Gone, Im Feenin For Another Daaate,Celebratee Tell Me Are You Ready For Ya Gift Wrapped In Somethin Big I Know That I Can Make It Fit Win A Candy Cuz You Know I Love To Lick And All The Cake That You Can Fit Into Your Outfit (ITS CRAZYY) Let Me Pop That Thinq Like a Bottle Of Rose Hop Up On This Mic Like Its Your Birthday Let Me Work Your Door (?) Hush your V.I.P Baby Celebrate With Meeeee (Hook) We Can Start Out With Some Forplay Baby We Can Celebrate Sex You Right Here In The Doorway Thats How We Gon Celebrate Privaty After Partyyy I Cant Wait To Celebrate All Up In Your Body And Imma Spend(?) Your Celebrate (Chorus) Its Like The Forth Of July In Between You Thighs Its Like Fireworks Just Light Up The Sky Dont Need No Reservation Your My Invitation To This Love Makin Its A Celebratiiiiiooooon
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