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Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits by Jim Croce ( Full Album )

Album Tracks (14) Song TitleLength 1.Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 2.Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels) 3.Photographs and Memories 4.Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy) 5.Time in a Bottle 6.New York's Not My Home 7.Workin' at the Car Wash Blues 8.I Got a Name 9.I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song 10.You Don't Mess Around with Jim 11.Lover's Cross 12.One Less Set of Footsteps 13.These Dreams 14.Roller Derby Queen What the Critics Say Though Jim Croce produced a handful of hit singles before his death, one can nonetheless argue that Croce was and is a rather underrated songwriter. This is especially evident in listening to his album tracks, many of which are remarkably potent and arguably could have been hits themselves. The numerous double-disc collections that have been released echo this factor, but for casual fans who merely want the radio favorites, the single-disc Photographs & Memories will suffice. All of Croce's biggest singles are here, including "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," "Time in a Bottle," and "Operator," as well as overlooked album tracks such as "New York's Not My Home" and "Lover's Cross." This is far from a perfect compilation; the album barely clocks in over 40 minutes, leaving time for numerous tracks that could have easily been added onto the same disc during the record's move from vinyl to CD. Still, it's hard to argue with what's here. While Croce's more devoted followers would prefer the double-disc 50th Anniversary Collection, casual listeners merely in search of Croce's well-known songs would be best suited with Photographs & Memories. ~ Barry Weber, Rovi
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