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One Direction Crash Barbie's Party! 1D Dolls Party All Night! OMG !.::Original Video::.

This video features ALL the Original One Direction Dolls! You are going to wish you were one of those Barbie's after watching this! :D We worked so hard on bringing this to life. We really hope you like it =) All scenes were shot using an iphone 4S and 2 flashlights! Yes, an iPhone lol! It took about 2 days to shoot and many hours of editing using imovie. 1Ds voices at the end of the party were recorded from one of their Video Diaries. A lot of you have asked how old we are and where we're from? We're 10, 13, and 16 and our mom is Dominican and our dad is Irish - like Niall!, we live in U.S.A. Oh and our now famous kitty Chase is 3yrs old XD All 1D dolls were ordered on-line. You can find them at all big toy stores and on the official One Direction website. Please remember to Subscribe for more 1D EK Chase Productions! Now, here's what my mom has to say: "Surprisingly, a few viewers hv found this video to be unsuited for children. As a mom, i can tell you that ALL scenes were innocent and fun. The dancing, was simply dancing and nothing else, sorry if you saw it differently. The bath scene was simply cute. Not vulgar in any way. There are so many completely grotesque and violent videos on the internet, if your child happens to come across this video, you are lucky, she will not be scarred for life! Relax =) My girls are all A+ students! This was just a fun family project." Thank You ALL so much for all your support! A Huge thank you - to all those who have shared, subbed and tweeted this to 1D! Thank you! XO GRACIAS a todos por su apoyo. Nunca imaginamos que este video de locuras llegara a tantos paises! BRAVO a Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Italia etc.. y mis paisanos Dominicanos! Wepa!! Que siga la fiebre de One Direction! DISCLAIMER: This video is intended as a work of parody. The creators are not affiliated with Mattel or any associated organizations. The image of 'Barbie' and other Mattel products are used in accordance with 'fair use' to create social satire. For more information on the legal use of the 'Barbie' image, see 'Barbie vs. Tom Forsythe'. "Stole My Heart" artist: One Direction "What makes you beautiful" artists: One Direction "Up All Night" artists: One Direction "One Thing" artist: One Direction Exclusive Rights Sony Music Entertainment UK
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