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Journey to the Heartland/YZ Hamilton's Ken, Elke: hammered dulcimer

If you have the option, please click on "watch in high quality" under the video window. It's much more clear. Ken Kolodner and Elke Baker play "Journey to the Heartland" and "YZ Hamilton's Breakdown" from Ken's CD Journey to the Heartland, at Paul Levin's Memorial Concert, April 2008. Ken and Elke both have CD's, and they play this on Ken Kolodner's title track from 2003. They play together on several of Elke's CD's as well, and Ken is coming out in 2008 with an instructional CD for old-time fiddle tunes which includes this one as a bonus. He already has an instructional CD for the hammered dulcimer... in fact a series of them, that include how to play YZ Hamilton's on the HD. Lots of stuff at his website! Check it out! You can reach Elke at Thanks for watching, rating and comments!
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