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Can't forget u - A Justin Bieber Love Story Part 11 *english*

I couldn't move anymore ... First, I didn't got what just had happened, what I'd just read, but as I understood, I wasn't able to scream, even if I wanted! I wanted so hard! I jumped up and down through my room. I sat down again to read the message again and again. I couldn't believe it! I rushed down the stairs and almost tripped when I arrived at the last one. I stopped in the livingroom. My parents stared at my like I was a weirdo. Possibly because I grined like a mass murderer. L: You won't believe it! M: What? , she asked me inquisitively. L: Justin Bieber just posted, that his new album will come out on Monday and the best thing about it is ...! He also release the tour-dates! He'll come to Germany! „to Oberhausen", I said lower it lower than the rest. They didn't have to know now. L: How cool is this!? M: Well ... I know we promised you, that weh would go there with you, but - I interrupted her reflexively and sadly stares at her. L: You promised it! M: I know ... but we thought you're old enough .. so my thought was, that you'd maybe prefer it to go with a friend? I bet you don't want you parents stading right next to you all day, do you? I smiled big, my mom did too. L: Thanks so much, but - M: I know, it's not in Hamburg! We will drive you or you and your friend there. Don't missunderstand it! We will stay with you there, but you allowed to go to the concert alone! I hugged my parents and went back upstairs to search the internet for tickets and a hotel.
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