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"Les Paul" sytle Risa Electric Tenor Ukulele (Sound demo multiple song clips)

My very unprofessional Ukulele Review of the "Les Paul" style Risa: After I was asked by several others on FB about the Risa, and after I know how hard it was to just find a sound demo of it when I was looking, I decided to make and then share my little clip with others. I am not the best player, dont pretend to be, but this will allow you to at least hear it on a clean line. ....... I will start off saying that in my opinion, it sounds much better playing with tablature instead of just strumming chords. It has all steel strings and I did change the strings out for a slightly heavier gauge. In this video I used a Fishman Loudbox mini with no real effects. It is a solid body tenor ukulele with two pickups. The Risa is a little bit heavier than the average acoustic ukuleles of course but only by a little. Very low action, it resonates beautifully and by listening to my video you will hear that it is unforgiving with mess ups. Also! For those who say it sounds too much like a guitar, I say it sounds just as much like an electric guitar, as an acoustic ukulele sounds like an acoustic guitar Hope this doesn't hurt ear drums lol
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