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HOW TO GET BIEBER TICKETS (TIPS) | Purpose Tour Countdown Day 119

I hope you found this video helpful! I've learned a lot about securing good tickets and I hope you have too! OPEN FOR MORE INFO Let's follow each other! Twitter: @notmariaherrera (Tweet me if you're from YT so I can follow back!) Instagram: @notmariaherrera Snapchat: mgh0301 I'll try to do more videos with tips on getting tickets and VIP so more people can avoid the horrible stress that comes along with buying tickets. SAFE WEBSITES TO USE WHEN BUYING TICKETS: - - - - - Here's a rundown of what this is all about: - I want to document me preparing for my trip of following Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour for 2+ weeks - I want to give other fans tips on how to prepare for the best experience of their lives - I want YOU to have someone to get ready with MY SHOWS & SEATING: - Nashville 6/27 [Floor Section 4 Row 6 Seat(s) 1,2] - Jacksonville 6/29 [Floor Pit D (Ultimate Purpose Experience)] - Orlando 6/30 [Floor Pit B (I'll Show You VIP Purpose Experience)] - Miami 7/3 [Floor Section 1 Row 17 Seat(s) 1,2] - Greensboro 7/6 [Floor Pit D (Ultimate Purpose Experience)] GET IN CONTACT WITH ME : Please do not bring any negatively to this video, channel, or series. I am doing this to help other fans. I mean nothing bad in any of my opinions or comments. Thank you for understanding.
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