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Sonny & Cher Concert Window Card Advertisement 1960’s A fun, collectible Sonny and Cher concert poster from the peak of their career and chart success, 1965. This is for a show in Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday, Dec. 3 of that year, at 7:30 PM. This Sonny & Cher poster board features a photo of the duo laughing and casual, as opposed to using a standard studio publicity still. Graphics-wise, it’s interesting how you can see where the poster designer trimmed around the couple’s image, especially around Cher’s head, opting to leave the background completely out of it. Orange and sepia-tone are the two colors that were used for this Sonny and Cher show poster, and they’re used to nice effect. The most important elements are in orange: their name, the radio station’s name, and the other entertainment on the bill… the “Miss K-POI Pageant.” This Sonny & Cher in-person poster is not the first I’ve seen from the ’60s to have opening acts or entertainment entities that seem silly to us today. We have to remember that everything was much more loose back then, not bound by tight business rules that we see today. If the promoter wanted a dancing horse to be the opening act, so be it. The Honolulu radio station commands a strong presence on their 1965 Sonny and Cher billboard. The first thing you see is, “Boss Radio K-poi Presents” blazoned across the top. And then they’re named in color again in conjunction with the beauty pageant. AM radio was definitely king in those days! It’s kinda funny how the promoter chose to not put ticket prices on his Sonny & Cher concert placard. But that wasn’t unheard of, by any means. The only information it gives is, “All Seats Reserved; Tickets At H.I.C. Box Office,” referring to the Honolulu International Center, also mentioned on the poster. I like the hearts that pop up in a couple of places on this Sonny and Cher event poster. There’s one between their names, and another at the bottom above the ticket info. But it certainly fits, given that they were more than just a performing outfit, they were a married couple – she all of 19 years old, and he already 30! This Sonny & Cher appearance poster was made on card-stock material… much thicker than paper, but not quite rigid cardboard. I guess you didn’t have to worry about a poster withstanding tough weather conditions in beautiful Hawaii… unless a fall rainstorm happened to come along. Notice how this Sonny and Cher tour placard adds some urgency to their appearance by touting “One Show Only”… as in, “hurry up & get your tickets while you can!” On the mainland, you could always catch a nearby show in another city… but in isolated Hawaii, that was not an option! The reason I especially love this Sonny & Cher ticket poster is that it hails from 1965, which was definitely THE year for the singing couple. They had three Top 10 hits in 1965, including the #1 smash that we all remember well, “I Got You Babe.” I wish this Sonny and Cher concert announcement had mentioned that hit record, but you can’t have it all. In fact, it could have also mentioned “Laugh at Me” and “Baby Don’t Go,” their other two hits from that year, or their Top 10 album “Look At Us,” but the poster designer left all that off. There’s also no mention of their record label on this Sonny & Cher boxing-style concert poster, which is a bit of a shame. The duo was on Atco Records, a very hip label that would go on to boast both Cream and Buffalo Springfield within a year’s time. They also had a couple of Top 20 hits late in the year, “Just You” and “But You’re Mine,” neither of which appear on this Sonny and Cher fence poster. But the whole thing works quite well for me, and is a great piece of vintage, collectable 1960s music memorabilia. This Sonny & Cher pole poster is warmly discussed and shown off by long-time concert-stuff collector Peter J. Howard, in this video. That’s me, and if you wish to contact me, I can be reached thru (805) 540-0020 or by simply emailing And to see more fun, collectible sixties rock posters of this ilk, just move your cursor over to this page on my exciting hobby web site:
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