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Bruno Mars Song Parody -

We did something dumb, so we wanted to apologize to our mom and we all know there is only one way to do that - by song! Lyrics are below: I Shoulda Bought Those Tickets - Lyrics: [SONG] On March 8th in Austin, TX, tickets went on sale Mom asked to go, but I said no to going I changed my mind, but not in time And now it's way too late Now my heart breaks when I hear Bruno sing My heart just feels like, "Oooooh!" Ooooh, I was too stubborn to realize That I shoulda bought those tickets When my mama planned Now I gotta sell my first born So we might have the chance To go to the concert and party cuz I know we love to dance I'm surprised Mama hasn't disowned me Cuz damn, she's really mad [RAP] It's Summer 2013 It's Bruno Mars & Ellie G. Spreading love to their fans But ain't none for Natalie! So grab your shades, the Lights are leaving people Starry-Eyed In the Moonshine jungle on The Other Side Where Anything Can Happen You're gonna get blown away They comin' atcha like - BOOM! - Grenade So grab your tickets and don't waste another second Or else you'll be like us - Locked Outta Heaven! [SONG] Mom, it's you I hurt I feel like the worst Oh, I was so wrong Now I know I am much too late To fix my big fat huge mistake But Mom I want you to know That I should bought those tickets Like you planned Shoulda bought you floorseats So you'd have room to dance Now Bruno won't get to see us And know that we're his fans Mom I'm really sorry, cuz I know you're mad Mom, I'm really sorry, cuz I know you're mad We love you, Mom! Woo! Note: We created the beats and made up the lyrics. Pictures were all hand-drawn.The Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" melody is a sample from a karaoke version from youtube - we do not own that part! Here's the link to the karaoke version we used:
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